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Your comfort and safety is our #1 priority.

These are the services we offer.
Whether it is a new house or a renovation, we can size and install your gas line.
Are you removing or installing a new gas fired appliance? We can safely connect and disconnect the gas.
Thinking about putting in a new BBQ on the patio? We can get you set-up with a new BBQ box.
Do you want to use your patio during the colder fall or even winter months? We can help with a patio heater.

Gas Lines

Gas lines need to be sized for the equipment you are supplying. We can do that.

We have “A” level gas fitters on staff who are certified to size and install residential and commercial gas lines. There are many different material types and sizing methodologies that we can use to provide your system with a safe supply of natural gas or propane. A properly sized system will save you money on materials and installation costs. Whether it’s a renovation or new construction, we have many solutions for your application.


Have you been thinking of replacing your old gas fired range or stovetop? We can help.

Gas fired appliances like a stovetop or oven need to be serviced regularly to ensure safe and efficient operation. Our certified technicians can service, repair, replace and/or install any type of gas fired appliance you may have. We will safely connect and test your piece of equipment to ensure it is properly tied to the gas supply with-out any leaks.

BBQ Boxes

Never have to refill propane tanks again with a dedicated natural gas BBQ box.

Natural gas BBQ boxes are a safe and convenient way to supply gas to your BBQ. You won’t have to lug around propane tanks to the gas station anymore. We can install a BBQ box pretty much anywhere on your property, so don’t worry if you want it close to house or beside the pool.

Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are a great way to enjoy your outdoor space in the colder fall and spring months.

As the days and nights get colder, we often find ourselves spending less time on our patios. With a properly sized patio heater you will be able to enjoy this space pretty much all year. Comfortable patios create more all season enjoyment for homeowners and more revenue for businesses. Our certified technicians will size-up the proper piece of equipment to heat your patio to a comfortable level.

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