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These are the services we offer.
Drain cleaning is a great way to prevent potential clogs from forming and causing issues when you don't need them.
Our specialized drain inspection equipment can find clogs, cracks and damage and show us exactly where the issue is.
We own specialized clog/plug removal equipment that can dislodge debris blocking your drain with-out damaging the pipes.
Over time grease traps can rot-out causing very messy leaks and downtime for your restaurant. Call us for an inspection.

Drain Cleaning

People often neglect their drain system until a major plug or clog occurs.

Drain cleaning is a great way to prevent down time in your business and help stop potential sewer back-ups. Drains are often neglected which is why we offer a drain cleaning service program for our clients to keep their business flowing.

Drain Inspection

When clogs, plugs or cracks are found in your drainage system, we may need to inspect the system with a specialized drain camera.

We have invested in specialized drain inspections cameras which not only show us the leak, clog or plug but tell us exactly where it is so we can remove, fix or repair the issue. We can provide you with images of the exact problem to help you understand exactly what’s happening. From there we can carry out the necessary work to fix the drain issue.

Drain Clog Removal

Clogged or plugged drains can be a real head-ache for anyone and possibly lead to sewer back-ups.

We have heavily invested in specialized clog/plug inspection and removal equipment. Plugged drains can cause a lot of issues for business owners especially when customers are in the building. We offer quick, safe, non-invasive clog removal services to get your drainage system flowing again.

Grease Traps

Trapping grease is an integral part of protecting your drainage system as well as the city's.

Grease traps are an integral part of any food service business to protect their drainage system from oil/grease blockages. They also help protect the city’s main drain system from these same issues. Steel grease traps often rot-out, which is why we offer alternative solutions to fix this issue. Let’s talk about your restaurant and how we can protect it from grease related drainage problems.

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